What i’m reading now

I picked up this book “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch recently.  My sis had received it as a christmas present from one of her colleagues and generously let me read it first since i would be going back to Melbourne soon.

I’d heard of it before, vaguely, though i can’t recall from where.  Or maybe the thought of a man giving a final lecture to inspire people before he departs from this world isn’t so unfamiliar a thought to me.  I think all men (i include myself in that list) want to be given that opportunity to stand on a stage and feel that whatever they have to say at the end of their life will mean something to someone.  Okay,but  maybe i’m just babbling here.

The book is good albeit rather short.  I’ve read about half of it and so far it’s been snippets of his childhood and the dreams that he was able to achieve either through hard work, extraordinary chance or, in some cases, just never forgetting about them.  His childhood life was extraordinary, or at least extraordinary in my eyes in that while not a wealthy one, it was full of it’s own richness.  

His parents were encouraging and only ever chastised him for his pride, which they made sure to keep in check.  He was encouraged to read, explore and to investigate everything (which explains how he became a scientist).  The wealth of the family came from knowledge and a whole lot of loving support for one another.  

I’ve enjoyed it so far most of all for the call to remember our dreams as a kid and to actively pursue them.  Furthermore the optimism and humour he displays as he confronts his final days on earth is both refreshing and inspiring.  

However, I’m not clear about his convictions as a christian.  He reveals early on that his family is Presbytarian but there’s little else mentioned (so far at least) about his own relationship with church or Christ.  I hope to be pleasantly surprised by the end of the book but so far I’m not too sure I will be.

In fact Googling about this topic has only revealed the myriad of responses to that question.

I like this one and it’s worth reading all the comments just to get an idea of how wide the range of responses can be.

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