time for thought

i have totally neglected my quiet time the past 2 weeks.

seems like it’s such a struggle just to read my bible and write down my prayer points and pray.

it shouldn’t be that way.

reflection requires a lot of time.  and when you’re confronted with a whole list of things that have to be done urgently it’s hard to squeeze it in.  But it’s so sorely needed.  How else do i reflect on the lessons i learnt from church or on what God expects me to do or prepare to live a life that glorifies God as opposed to reverting back to my old sinful ways?

prayer also requires time.  and i always feel bad whenever i give God only the leftovers of my time (e.g. just before i go to sleep) as opposed to giving him the best of my time.  of all my relationships the one that matters most i hardly develop.  

maybe i’ll never get it right or maybe that’s the way it has to be this side of heaven.


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