losing face[book]

i’m not on facebook.

i’ve resisted the calls to do so for AGES. and you know what?  my world hasn’t ended and i still get to keep in touch with the people that i want to.  Those who i want to keep in touch with know what’s going on with me and i find out what’s going on with them.  That’s just my way of living life on my terms.

it surprises me how many people i know are on it though.  old and young.  And the constant gasps of surprise ‘you’re not on facebook?!?’ are quite tiresome.

i guess it would be convenient to leave information online for people to see what’s up with me.  But i find that it completely cheapens the quality of friendships that are around.  do i really want a bunch of friends who wouldn’t make the effort to even make a simple phonecall to stay in touch?  Mobile phones killed the home telephone… will the internet kill the mobile phone and real friendships?

call me cynical but i remember when friendster was the hit thing going around.  then came myspace.  so i’m just waiting to see what’ll be the thing to top facebook and be the next ‘gasp you’re not on it’ worthy fad.

I used to be hooked on friendster

i WILL not succumb to facebook.


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