Going to the Prom

It’s been a dream of mine to go back here

in my opinion Wilson’s prom is the most beautiful part of Victoria.  It’s so untouched, so unchanging, so amazingly beautiful.
it’s got everything you want in an adventure all at the same place.  Pristine beaches, mountain peaks, beautiful walking trails, flora and fauna.

I first went there in 2004 with my classmates and boy, how much fun we had there!   I’ll never forget the squeezing into tents, eating crap food (coz we didn’t know and hadn’t brought any food to the campsite and had to suffice with really awful canned stuff from the local convenience store) and the many crazy pictures we took together.  All with such a stunning backdrop behind us.

Not everyone can appreciate it though.  I know that while at first seeing endless trails of bush and shrubs can be quite monotonous but when you get to the top and see the view or when you finally emerge onto the golden sand it’s so breathtaking.

I’m so glad to be going back!

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