Contentment : part one

I think this is something that i need to think about a lot.

To be content is probably one of the hardest things that anyone on this earth can be.  it’s something that eludes us. I know it eludes me.  Just this weekend i spent a couple of dollars on two books that i’d been meaning to get but maybe i don’t have the time to read.  They can go with the rest of the books that I also got with the intention of having so that when i could actually find the time to read i’d have them to read.  How wonderfully optimistic of me.

I think to myself sometimes, “You have all this great stuff and instead of being happy and using them and enjoying them, you’re already starting to think about what else you can get?’

it’s not the having that excites me, it’s the getting.

And i just wanna think about that and think carefully why it is that I do it.  Coz if you can detect the signs, you can cure it, right?



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