A thing or two

Been very interested in ‘to-do’ apps at the moment.  I’m trying so hard to get organised and it’s especially important now that i’m planning my wedding.

I tend to have a lot on my mind so it’s always useful to have someplace to jot all these thoughts and ideas down quickly and conveniently.  

so far i’ve always been putting things down on paper.  Nothing in my mind beats the quickness and ease of that.  And i’ve been content to do that till now…

Since i’ve gotten my iPhone, things have changed a bit.  I’ve been experimenting with different apps from the app store, such as Zenbe Lists, To do, Younote, and even the iphone’s own Notes app.  So far none of them have really worked so well.  Notes is good in that it’s quick and easy to work with but it can’t be organised, takes a while to load, and the notes change order each time to edit them so their no longer arranged chronologically from the date when you first created them.  Zenbe lists was my favourite for a while as it allowed me to create different list of stuff that i wanted to add to.  Unfortunately it too took ages to load and when you have to click 4 or 5 times just to get to where you want to go i’d rather just go back to pen and paper.

Now i’ve found an app that works quite well for what i want it to do.  It’s called ultimate to-dos and it’s really quiet good.  It was also free!  

What it does is that it shows me what i have to do, organises them according to tags, contexts (which is sort of like project names) and due date.  Which is really all i want a to-do app to do (hmm).  I’ve enjoyed using it quite a bit and i have to admit it has helped me to record things on-the-fly.  Best part is that it’s fast.  I like that in an app.  one click and almost instantly it opens, i see the list of today’s items, press the + sign and i’ve got the keyboard up to record down the title and additional notes.  It’s simple, easy, convenient.

But i’ve also been eyeing another program.  Things.  There’s been a bit of press about it lately and some people (friends included) reckon it’s one of the best to-do apps around.  I even read a review about it which was quite convincing.  The only problem is that it’s costly at $12.99 on the app store.  Okay, comparatively costly.  Esp when compared to Ultimate To Dos which is currently free. 

The good part about Things is that it syncs with the desktop version of Things.  But that Thing isn’t cheap either.  It’s $84 dollars for something that you don’t even get in a box.  

Which is better?  which is the killer app?  I need to research that, find out which one i want to put my money (or lack of) behind.

It’ll just have to go on my list of to-dos


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