2nd letter of alphabet + record book

What are b-logs about?

this is something that’s always on my mind.  I never really know what to do about this blog and lately it’s been tough to update as often as i would like.  Not that i find blogging a chore but i just don’t like the idea of making short posts or just posts that link to other articles online.  That’s a little bit pointless.

I’d like this blog to be an end in itself in a couple of ways.

a. i’d love to write wholeheartedly, honestly about topics that are close to my heart… and I would like people to come and read and to gain some new insight from my posts. 

b. i want to blog for the love of writing, not because i want to please others or because i feel that i need to generate a huge number of readers.  It would be nice to know that others are reading and enjoying it but the blog is just as the blog is… a storage and public display of my private thoughts and reflections.

and I really enjoy writing.  Not that i’m an exceptional writer, i highly doubt that, but i enjoy putting my thoughts down either physically or electronically.  Either way is fine.  I find it very therapeutic to do so.  To paint a picture with words, a myriad of thoughts and emotions, all of which become tangible and easily shared when put down in words.

glorious words.

Thank God for words.

So this blog will continue, albeit at a snails pace in the weeks to come.  There’s so much more on my mind at the moment and mores the pity that i lack the time to put it all down. 

oh well… at least once in a while i’ll be able to and these will be the little gems that i will look back on and cherish that i actually took the time to record them.


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