of mice and men

the mice… they’re back!

after a killing spree that lasted several months and the loss of 5 mice, we thought we’d exterminated them for good. 

just today i peeked into the oven and found one of the vermin in there.  What a shock!

being such a nice guy i turned on the oven just to see if i’d be able to cook it alive.  Alas, i’m sure the little thing would have gotten out some other way.  Methinks there must be a hole somewhere at the back of the oven.

anyway, i have to start baiting traps again.

here’s a recipe for the ultimate mouse-bait:

1. peanut butter
2. stale bread
3. fire

break off a piece of bread and roll it into a ball and place it on the trap.  smear peanut butter liberally on top and then singe it with fire.  I use a cooktop lighter to do the job.  make sure that the stuff is slightly charred so that the smell becomes much stronger.

the first time i tried that next day I had a dead mouse lying on the floor.




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