So the financial crisis is finally starting to have an impact on my workplace.

two of my colleagues (one recent grad and the other a student) have been politely and not so politely told that there’s not enough work to sustain them.

makes me wonder whether i’d still be needed in the near future?
coz there is work to do, i suppose, but if you’re not getting paid to do it, what’s the point?

That’s the big problem with being an architect.  we’re so vulnerable during a recession.  and that’s not unexpected, afterall, doing a renovation or building a new house is easily going to set people back by several hundreds of thousands of dollars.  that’s more than anyone’s willing to spend especially when cash in hand becomes more and more precious.

so jobs get put on hold and we have to find other means to supply our coffers.  

i really feel sorry for those who are looking for work right now.  it’s tough work scrounging for those few jobs that are available or accepting wages and working conditions that are below your expectations.  and worse still you have to go through the hard work that’s expected of any starting architect.  

sadly it really doesn’t get better with time.  

thankfully the real joys of architecture have little to do with the monetary reward.  to actual behold the building that you have laboured over for months or even years is something that transcends description.  it’s the tangible nature of the job that really draws me to it and holds me captive.  

i could never imagine myself doing anything else.


so crisis or not this is something to get through, to toughen up, put aside your vain ambitions and just get the work done.  coz the joy of design, coupled with the satisfaction of an honest day’s work is all i could ask for and all i could ever need.


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