a little bit odd

Had a great message on sunday from a very amusing preacher down at St John’s Anglican church in Highton (Geelong).

he was talking on 1 Peter 4:1-11 about how we look back to Jesus (our salvation) whilst keeping an eye on the future (His return).

in vv 1-7 Peter lists a lot of things that the pagans do that we used to do:
1. lust
2. drunkeness
3. idolatry
just to name a few.

and how we don’t do that anymore… having been saved by Christ.  And as a result of that the rest of the world finds us, well, just a little bit odd, different and weird.  we don’t rely on alcohol fueled frenzies in order to have a good time.  We know that being in a relationship doesn’t mean giving in to our sexual urges and rather reserve sex for marriage. 

we also try hard to keep God the focus of our life and don’t get carried away in the pursuit of material goods and the hoarding of earthly wealth.  And that makes us seem somehow different from everyone else.  

And it’s a difference that i relish… because it’s something that we should do proudly, boldly and unashamedly.  I can’t say that i do it always and i can’t say that i’ve never been ashamed of being a christian.  often i find it a little awkward to introduce myself as one.  but seriously, that’s what i aspire to be!  a weird, odd, strange, stand-out-ish christian.

so that all the people i meet will say, ‘hey, there’s something different about that guy’ and they’ll stop and wonder…

and maybe just maybe i’ll get the chance to share with them about the saviour who died for their sins and set them free from the bondage of living in this fallen world.  

and maybe just maybe they’ll listen and trust in Christ

and become a little bit odd too.


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