Photo taking part 1

So we had our first photo taking session for the wedding yesterday.  

it was a very packed day and we couldn’t have done it without our two helpers.  A big thanks to Andrew and Dorothy for taking the afternoon off to drive, accompany and help us out along the way.  Dorothy helped with Hooi Yin’s dress and Andrew drove us from place to place.

The places that we went to, in order, are:

1. Little River Railway Station
2. Barwon River
3. Pettavel Winery
4. Point Lonsdale lighthouse

Kym did a great job and was infinitely patient and gave good instructions to the both of us.  Initially it was weird having someone taking such intimate photos but we eventually warmed up… though ironically the temperature cooled greatly so we were frantically trying to finish off the shoot by the end of the day. 

Our next shoot is in May and will be areas in and around the Melbourne CBD area so we’ll be taking more fun shots with a totally different mood and setting.

We’re both looking forward to it!


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