Uncle Ray, the neighbour next door had a heart-attack last night.
for about 1/2 hour there was much going on as the housemates ran next door and the paramedic and ambulance arrived. 

i stayed at home to keep an eye on the door and was praying quietly.  Words were being shouted around, ‘what happened?’, ‘is he okay?’, ‘this is his third!’… it was quite chaotic and not knowing what was going on all i could do was wait.

eventually he was whisked away in the ambulance to the hospital and we settled back into the house. hushed, thoughtful we huddled in a spontaneous group prayer which was even more poignant in it’s urgent simplicity.  

‘let him be okay’

‘give his family the strength to hold on’

‘help the doctors to find out what’s wrong’

shortly we were joined by Auntie Sylvia who was left to stay home whilst the rest went to the hospital.  She was so close to tears it almost broke all of our hearts.

One day you’re here, walking about with not a care in the world, the next you’re lying pathetically on a stretcher woefully unaware of the distress that surrounds you.

today we found out that he’s stable.  we’re not sure how long he’ll be in the hospital but we’re hopeful he’ll be out and back to normal.  

every day is indeed a gift when you don’t know when you’ll draw no more from the pile.

Lord, when?


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