slumdog millionaire

Just watched the show tonight… was glad that we were still able to catch it even though it’s been in the cinemas for quite a while.

as expected it was 
a. as good as everyone said it was (full of drama, tension, touching moments and a good hollywood style ending)
b. it was shocking to see the living and growing up conditions of the poor street kids in India.
c. not purely an indian style movie because it’s very european in style.  The cutting and editing was WAY slick and the music was very modern.  I’m actually quite keen to get the soundtrack now! 

I actually really liked how they told his life story through each of the questions he was asked on ‘who wants to be a millionaire’.

Though in retrospect it just made me very thankful for my life and the way it is.  

though i will admit that sometimes i take for granted how blessed i am.

thank you Lord for constant reminders.


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