I Quit

So I quit my job today.

Finally decided I’d had enough of being an architect. The job doesn’t pay well, the hours are unbearable and I’m just so jaded by the superficiality of the whole thing.

Really it’s just all about designing über mansions for rich bratty clients and I’ve had enough of playing to their whims.

In fact I think I need a whole new profession.

I’m thinking brick-layer.

They’re protected by unions, earn loads of money (about a dollar a brick laid) and they’re a pillar of our society. In fact much of australia was built up thanks to the humble hands and efforts of the brickie.

So come next week i’ll be starting an apprenticeship at a brick yard. Who knows what doors this might open to me. I might even get quite handy with laying the mortar!

Sorry archi, this is one free spirit you won’t crush.


2 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. heyyy I beg to differ. you’re just in the wrong sector of the industry I say :)

    I’m with a group that does real projects but much more research based. i don’t know but work is very satisfactory for me. and it’s not for bratty clients too.

    maybe just find a different natured firm.

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