i want to ride my bicycle

I love riding my bike… everywhere, to work, to the groceries, to church, to the shops, back home, everywhere.

I honestly think it’s one of the most liberating experiences ever: not having to depend on public transport but rather your own physical strength to get from place to place.  There’s something primal about it that i can’t quite put my finger on.

and the best part is i’m getting loads of endorphins in the process making it an even more satisfying experience all round.   

I just hope that i can do this when i go back home.  

Melbourne really is a great place to ride in.


2 thoughts on “i want to ride my bicycle

    I feel so free when I’m cycling. And, Melbourne is de most bicycle-friendly places I know of.
    You should go cycling in Kensington. Feels like you are in de real Kensington.

  2. Well you most certainly can cycle to work back home in you know where. :) I practically pass your house as I cycle into town everyday!!!

    It’s do-able!

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