By Thunder

It’s odd hearing the rain and thunder in Melbourne. 

I was once very used to it, especially at night when the soothing sounds of pitter patter would put me to sleep.  Now it just seems foreign and when it rains it feels like such a big deal.  

In fact thanks to the drought and the lack of rain i often find it such a nuisance when it does.  I can’t cycle, because i didn’t bring my rain coat, because probably out of 365 days i’d need it only say, 30 days max?  I also don’t feel like going out because (surprise surprise) getting wet doesn’t appeal to me and if i just wait till tomorrow it’ll be nice sunny and DRY again.

Such a difference from rainy singapore, where leaving home without an umbrella is just plain stupid.

But it’s not good and the recent bush-fires are driving home the point that water is a very very precious commodity here.  It troubles me a lot because i often use a lot of water to shower and to wash the dishes.  

I’ve been trying to limit my showers to 5 mins (with the water off while i soap myself), no running taps when i’m soaping dishes either.  I also wait till i have a full load of laundry before i put them in the machine.  

But that’s probably as much as i can do at the moment.  We don’t have a grey water system or a rain water tank which limits how much water recycling we do.  And those things cost money so i’m sure they’ll be a big hit with everyone in our house.

the other thing i can do is pray.  Pray for rain, pray for water for the farmers, the livestock and the crops.  And especially the fires that still rage on. They need it most.


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