Happy Resurrection Day

I wanted to write happy e*ster but had to catch myself, because yesterday on the radio i heard that e-word originated from an Anglo-Saxon pagan holiday devoted to the goddess Bede. the original word is Eostre.

Apparently Bede was associated with hares and eggs which is an explanation for why this holiday is so strongly associated with chocolate bunnies hiding eggs for the children to find.  So i guess that’s just another way that the very significant celebration of the resurrection of Christ has been bastardised by pagan commercialisation. *sigh*

It’s funny that so many ‘christian’ holidays that we celebrate in modern times were actually based on pagan celebrations which just ‘evolved’ into christian ones when christianity became a political force.  But that’s another topic for another time.

So instead of going around saying the e-word, remind people what the real message is:

That Christ suffered and died for us sinners, and on the third day of his death rose from the dead
thereby conquering death and showing us that what he claimed about himself was true
that he is able to forgive our sins and that God has given Him authority over all of the earth
and that He is seated at the right hand of the father, making ready a place for us in heaven with Him.

Now that’s something worth shouting about and celebrating!


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