Table manners

Everytime I eat a meal I automatically put my fork and spoon (or knife) together on my plate once i’ve finished eating. If I don’t it somehow feels like as though the meal is not complete.

Chalk it up to my upbringing but my mom used to hammer this little ritual into me after every meal.

I seem to recall reasons such as, ‘how will people know that you’ve finished eating’ or ‘it’s rude to leave the fork and spoon lying around’.

And now that i’m older and i look back i do find it funny that i’m so conditioned to do so the moment all of the food on my plate is gone. fork, spoon, right next to each other, forming two parallel lines to infinity. right in the centre of the plate.

and it makes me smile and be glad for what my mom has done in molding this uncouth youth into the semblance of a man he is now.


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