Don’t be a twit[ter]

I’ve recently gotten onto twitter and it’s been quite fun overall.

It even feels good being vaguely connected to all the people who I’m following and are following me. No comment is too stupid to share with everyone!

But after a while it starts to feel a little shallow. Like when you start noting every little thing that happens to you down. “feeling sad”, “feeling happy”, “feeling semi-deranged”.

The final straw to me was when I started to feel pressured to post an update even when I didn’t know what to write in the first place.

The power of online socialising is that you can reach a group of friends and do so effortlessly. But when the chatter becomes meaningless I think that’s when it starts to lose it’s flavour. It’s almost about showing off your life, your connections and your very mundane actions all from your private pedestal (or perch to give it a more bird-like analogy).

I feel the same way about Friendster and Facebook.

I got into blogging with the sole intent of highlighting God’s grace through the depths of my inadequacies and sinfulness.  Twitter should not be an exception. 

So i seriously think i should think carefully about the posts that i make because I’m not into mindless twittering, i’m into serious, well-considered (and hopefully edifying) updates.


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