Malaysians vs. Singaporeans

while i’ve been in melbourne i’ve hardly spent any time with singaporeans.  it just happened i suppose. most of the time i’d be the only singaporean in a sea of malaysians/hong kong/vietnamese/indonesians.  

and i’ve really enjoyed that.  I’ve not missed the company of my fellow country men… probably because whenever i go home for holidays i’m saturated by their presence.  It’s been great getting to know other cultures, other people’s mindsets and especially to see how blessed i am just for being who i am. In fact it’s a great blessing just to be happy with who you are in the first place

But i’ve realised one thing.  it’s nice to be talking to people who don’t judge you by where you live or what school you went to because they don’t recognise them.  You’re sort of like a blank canvas to them and they have to get to know you and judge you for your character, your ambitions, your dreams and quirks.

it’s so refreshing.


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