Architecture of the mind

IMG_0481my desk is quite a mess,

ever heard that old adage, tidy desk, tidy mind?

I seem to work hardest on keeping it clean but within the shortest amount of time it’s back to being untidy and cluttered all over again. And it does cause me a lot of grief, because it is true, the more messy it is the more aware i am that i have a lot of stuff to deal with immediately or in the near future.

the problem is that i’m never aware of what has to be done immediately and what has to be done a little later.  That stack of papers there, what’s on them? are they lists of things to do? for when? for what? arrrgh….

So i’ve been trying to get myself more organised.  I’m using GTD software (the Hit List), ultimate to-dos on the iPhone, I try to jot down everything that i think of doing immediately.  I try my best to file away my mail immediately and I also try to put my clothes away properly and not drop them on the floor like i used to. :P

but it’s really difficult.  I sometimes wonder if it’s worth the effort. 

Unfortunately it often is, i do feel more at peace with my surroundings when everything’s been put away properly.. it just doesn’t stay that way for long that’s all.


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