Recently i read this article on Ars Technica about the OQO handheld PC devices and how the company is in trouble.  

the article didn’t really interest me until i read this bit: 

I wrote quite a bit about OQO’s latest product, the Model 02, at CES, and my main gripe was that the Windows experience just wasn’t suited to a device of OQO’s size. And this isn’t Microsoft’s fault—OS X would be as ill-suited to the OQO as Windows currently is. As I said in my initial coverage of the OLED-based, Atom-powered OQO that I played with at CES: it’s the paradigm, stupid. WIMP (windows, icons, menus, pointer) just doesn’t work in the OQO form factor, period. And by putting Windows on the OQO, you wind up with a device that’s great in theory and pointless in practice, because desktop OSes just don’t function well in that form factor.

Now that’s very very interesting for one big reason.  If there ever was a need to justify Apple making a tablet like device with the iPhone OS powering it, here it is.


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