The ideal job

I’ve been thinking a lot about work and why it’s so unsatisfactory/frustrating/dull/etc.

what’s on the top of my mind is how to make the experience a lot better. so that i not only enjoy it but it makes me feel good about myself as well,

my ideal job has (but is by no means limited to) the following:

1. more ownership
I sometimes feel that I’m treated like a kid at my work place. that i’m always irresponsible and never get things right.   
That’s so not true.  if i was given the opportunity to make key decisions and put in a position where i could make significant choices in the direction of my work i’d be way more excited.

but when i know that what i do makes little difference and that my boss is scrutinizing everything that i do and finding fault with the minutest of details, i tend not to care as much about the quality of my output.

2. more freedom and flexibility
I’d like to be treated a bit more like a human and less like a machine.

machines get to work on time and start work on the dot at 9am every morning. humans have unpredictable and chaotic lives.  somedays it’s nice to know that going to work a bit late and making up for it by working a bit later is OK.  

Also, knowing that your personal commitments  outside of work are respected and not encroached on by unnecessary work practices is valuable.  

3. more responsibility with grace
Sometimes being given the chance to shine is all it takes to know that I’m a trusted and valuable member of a team. 

Of course this comes with a complimentary dose of grace from bosses when their employee makes a mistake… no matter how costly.  what’s more important to a boss: the monetary value of your contribution or the value of your progress and well-being?  that says a lot about a workplace.

you can never prevent mistakes and whilst they shouldn’t be allowed to happen all the time, the experience gained from them is invaluable.  nothing important comes without sacrifice.

4. more incentives/benefits?
Now incentives and benefits are nice (who doesn’t like getting a year end bonus or a raise?) but they’re no substitute for poor working conditions.  You can never put the price on a person’s time and dignity.

while it’s good to earn enough to live decently, it’s awful to be earning a lot but never having the time to the fruits of your labour.

i’ve slowly come to realise that money isn’t everything and now i’m happy to have a job that pays less but gives me a better quality work life and allows for a better quality of after-work life.

5. unity vs. uniformity
It’s nice to be accepted for who you are.  It’s also nice to be working together with a group of individuals dedicated to a common goal.  That’s  what fellowship and camaraderie is all about … and it’s possible in a working environment!

but it sucks if you have to be a particular type of person to fit into your workplace.  the expectation of most bosses is that you do what you’re told well and cause as little fuss along the way. Somehow i don’t think they factor in personal approaches and responses to different situations.

God has made us each unique individuals with separate gifts and talents.  I say, YES to diversity!

6. more challenges
being challenged in your work is a good thing.  doing the same mundane task day in day out ad infinitum, on the other hand, is really really boring.  

sometimes we have to go through these frustrating tasks in order to develop our skills.  Sometimes it’s just mindless workplace culture that forces us into the role.  without stimulation, how can you enjoy your work?

but having too many challenges, without receiving any gratification (whether from self or others) is frustrating.  

Work has to have a good balance of up and down times and when the pressure’s on it’s great to be able to rise to the occasion.


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