the end is nigh

my time in melbourne is soon drawing to a close.

soon it’ll be all humidity, late nights at work and endless grumbles about government, high housing costs and recycled water (among other things).

these will replace my current grumbles about, high taxes, expensive chinese food, awful unpredictable weather, lousy public transportation and the fact that i miss my family and friends so much (or at least those who are back home).

I know in my heart that i’m a grumbler, complainer, whinger. When i get back to singapore, it’ll be smiles, happiness, contentment and familiarity. but before long i’ll be longing for the absolutely fantastic western food, coffee and ambience that melbourne offers. the cakes, the fresh ingredients.

then there’re the friends who i am leaving behind, those old souls who i’ve grown so close to over the years. where family was absent they were there to laugh and grin with amidst the hardships of a life overseas.

they will be sorely missed.

lastly there’s the church where i took my first baby steps as a christian. where my tiny faith grew, blossomed and matured. the people who played a part in my conversion will always be remembered, as will the place and setting.

our hearts are always so divided and so (how to put this?) incapable of living in the here and now.

But that’s what makes us human, that we long for happier times and fond memories. we cannot help but reflect and taste the bittersweetness of moments past.

I will miss melbourne.


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