Jacob ~> Israel

I was struck by the fact that Israel (the man not the nation) used to be named Jacob, the guy who clutches at the heal. (aka deceiver).

it’s odd that God should choose someone like that and turn him into the father of the nation of israel, the patriarch of the Jews that we know of today.

What was God thinking?

then again, it’s probably one of the more impressive displays of grace displayed to someone who did not deserve it.

I’m comfortable with that because, well, I don’t really deserve God’s grace but if He’s able to love and show favour to someone like Jacob, golly, i’m sure He can show it to me too!


One thought on “Jacob ~> Israel

  1. What is more interesting is that in the Bible (through the OT and NT) the refrain is Jacob I loved (so the sinner/deciever who is loved) and Judgement to Israel (the convert who was unfaithful to face judgement).

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