stupid wordpress app

my wordpress app on my iphone is driving me nuts.

it’s been losing so many of my recent posts that i’m determined to find a paid app to replace it.  

3 things have been happening recently,

1. when i tilt my iphone while typing, the app goes into landscape mode.  what happens then is that sometimes the ‘done’ button disappears and the only way i can get out of the type screen is by clicking the only button available… ‘cancel’.  How very convenient. It then tells me that i have not saved my post, do i wish to discard it?  OF COURSE I DON’T WANT TO DISCARD IT!  i don’t have much of a choice do i?

2. publishing a post often takes a while, if you lose your 3G signal mid upload, you’re in trouble.  it’s happened to me many times and there’s no way i can guard against it.  instead of having the option to cancel the upload the app keeps on trying before announcing that it is unable to access the server. the post is then lost.

3.  The wordpress app allows you to save posts as local drafts, these are ‘stored’ (though i use that term liberally here) on your iphone. i’ve done that before, and sometimes when i try to access my drafts i see 2 files but i can only click on one of them.  the other one is lost.  able to be previewed but unable to be edited or uploaded.  refreshing the view only causes it to finally disappear for good. 

why wordpress?  why are you letting that happen?

i have a million thoughts everyday, most of which are crap though i am quite fond of a tiny minority of them.  from that small collection of thoughts are an even smaller assortment that i’d like to post online to share with others.  losing them frustrates me to no end as i have to retype them and often i don’t manage to capture the spontaneity of the original post. 

I know that wordpress wouldn’t develop something like the iphone app unless it felt the same way, that thoughts are precious, are worth storing and sharing.  So come on guys, you can do way better than that!

i know that i shouldn’t be complaining, afterall it’s a free app and for 75% of the time it works wonderfully… but honestly, losing one post is losing one too many.. and i think it’s time to find an app that i can depend on 100% of  the time.

does anyone know of any good blogging apps for the iphone?


this post was originally typed up on my iphone using the above mentioned app before it was lost not once, but twice. it probably just didn’t want this to be posted.


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