Fear not

In the short children’s TV series ‘ the storyteller’ there’s an episode about a guy named Fear Not. Basically he does not know how to fear and sets out on a quest to learn to shudder. Along the way he faces various monsters and ghosts, all of whom fail to scare him.

Sometimes I wish i was like that. That I would know no fear, nor ever have a doubt or worry in my mind as I faced life’s obstacles head-on.

I imagine I’d be a lot more bruised from all the risks i’d be taking but also much more wise from all the lessons i’ve learnt; assuming I learn anything at all.

I run my life around my personal comfort and convenience. My daily activities are safe, secure and hardly exciting. In fact my life is downright boring and predictable most of the time.

But I really want a life of adventure. One where I dont always know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Where I throw caution to the wind and really live a little.

Because whenever I do crazy things which are entirely out of my control that’s when I really put all of myself into God’s hands and trust wholeheartedly that He’s the one who’ll see me through it all.

No foolish dependence on my own wits or strengths. Just complete reliance on the God who made the universe to keep me secure.

Seems quite obvious when I look at it that way. But before long I’m back to my old scared ways. Happy to potter along aimlessly living a half-baked life.

Lord help me to ‘fear not’ and to trust entirely in your provision and grace.


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