Random thoughts

My head’s just full of random thoughts at the moment.

You know those game shows where the contestants get put in those booths and they have to grab the money that’s getting blown all around them? They only ever grab a small portion of those notes while the rest end up just out of reach.

That’s kinda what my head feels like at the moment.

Here’re just some of those thoughts:

1. I just feel that you can’t experience Gods grace and forgiveness until you first admit that you’re wrong in the first place.

2. I get really inspired whenever my boss draws his little sketches. I think drawing (by hand on paper) is a wonderfully tangible expression of ones thoughts. Sadly I’ve been drawing on computer so long that I have lost some of that connection to the raw medium of sketching.

3. I’m just so perplexed by how the female mind works. They seem to be filled with and juggling 300 things all at once. Male minds on the other hand only ever seem to be occupied by 2-3 thoughts at a time. No wonder women are generally more perceptive and able to remember birthdays. Though I find men are more genuinely focused on whatever task they set their mind to (if at all).

4. Isn’t it amazing that God would send Jesus as a small helpless babe as opposed to a heroic king to the world? And the fact that Jesus managed to keep his powers under control until he was 30 years of age? What a display of self control!


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