Speaking = doing

I always promise too much sometimes.

My mouth goes on and on but I don’t always know how to fulfil all that I promise.

I need to learn that nobody likes a person who makes empty promises.

I think it’s sometimes a reflex. I don’t like to let people down. I’d rather they think well of me and then I go away and get stressed about how I keep all the promises I make.

Maybe it’s a guy thing. I like to be depended on and would rather be the one who suffers than the other.

It’s one of my faults that’s for sure.

Lord help me to overcome it. To be truthful even when the truth hurts. To rely on You rather than myself to get things done.


One thought on “Speaking = doing

  1. can you promise me a millon dollar, a posh house and car ? plus i want a helicopter and a gulf jet lol

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