on aging

i’ve been spending quite a bit of time with my grandparents since coming back and it amazes me how active my grandmother is and how determined my grandfather is to still keep moving under his own power.

I’m very puzzled by the idea of aging and growing so old that your body cannot lift you up anymore.  That your joints ache and your vision and hearing declines so that you’re not as aware of the world around you.

for some reason i find it sad.  sad that the body has to age (and one day die). it makes me sad to see my grandparents age and become more and more withered.

But there is great beauty, in their smiles, their voices, their hands and their feet.  It speaks of journey’s past, lessons learnt (both good and bad) and wisdom gained from walking the earth for 3 times as long as i’ve been alive.

There is a simple beauty as well in not fighting the aging process but embracing it.  acknowledging that you cannot do anything to reverse the process and humbly getting ready for the last curtain call of your life.

i know one day i will be faced with exactly the same things.  I can’t say i’m looking forward to it… but i know that i will enjoy the process of getting there.


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