Why does it have to be so frustrating whenever you live with your parents and have to deal with relatives.  Clearly this shouldn’t be the case because i don’t think that’s what God intended at all when it comes to families.

Family is supposed to be supportive, caring, encouraging, patient & loving.  But when you live on this side of heaven it’s unfortunate that we sinful people will start getting on each others nerves sooner or later.

Why is is so easy to say words of anger, frustration, complaint, criticism and despair?  Why is it so hard to give encouragement or praise?  So difficult to say sorry and to say ‘i love you’.

I think it’s partly because as family you feel that you can say whatever you want and they have to just accept you as that.  Furthermore you almost have an obligation to point out the others mistakes.  Isn’t that what our parents have done to us since young?

But now that we’re older and start to think for ourselves it’s tough to break free from the protective shell and meaningless customs and practices that form the family life.

My prayer is that by God’s strength and grace we can overcome these barriers so that a new generation does not have to suffer through them again.


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