I wonder what Jesus would write if He had a blog?

then again, as a sinful person, would i dare read what He wrote? Specifically those words written about me.

in a way the 4 gospels are like the journal entries of the Lord Jesus as He walked on the earth.  His final days especially have been recorded in such detail in the Gospels of John and Luke.

How He sweated, fretted, yelled and even cried.  Such emotion as He was confronted with the cross amidst the abandonment of His friends and betrayal of one of His disciples.

hard to believe that He would endure all that for someone as sinful and undeserving as myself.

I know that my name was not in the bible when it was written.  But i can’t help but take possession of those words and claim them for myself.  I nailed Christ on the cross, i drove those nails into His arms and I spat in His face as He hang there dying from asphyxiation.

i deserve to die and yet that punishment has been taken from me.

many feel that they have not sinned, that God is unfair and that He does not care about their plight.  my suggestion is read up what God is really about, what Jesus really did and discover the real nature of our relationship with Him.

you can start  by reading the words that He wanted You to read.  They’re all there, preserved in the bible even after all these years.  All without an online server to back them up.


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