the Z monster

Sleep happens to be one of those resources that we tend to get less and less of the older we get.

Firstly i think it’s natural for people to need less of it as they age.  we used to sleep 16-18 hours a day as a baby and the amount decreases as our years on earth increase.

Back when i was a 16 year old kid i used to go to be at 10pm and wake at 6am for school.  That gave me exactly 8 hours of sleep every night which was sufficient for me to get through the rest of the day.

Nowadays i struggle to get my 8 hours because i tend to sleep quite late.  Even when i was working and had to wake at 8am (a luxury, i know) to get to work, i’d often struggle to get to bed by 12midnight and to be asleep by 1am.  I’d find all sorts of distractions to occupy me.  Sometimes i’d have a book to read, or some video i wanted to watch while lying in bed.  Other times it’d be some household chore that i had forgotten to do that suddenly crossed my mind when i knew i should be getting ready for bed.

Ideally i’d love to be able to sleep more.  But i’ve become very resistant to the Zzz monster.  He’s always lurking, always wanting me to go to slumberland but i say ‘no!’ i have more stuff to do so please leave me alone for a little longer.

One day though i fear when i cannot fall asleep properly. when i get stressed by big problems, or even faced with a medical anomaly which stops me from sleeping. then i’ll wish that i had slept more in my times of peace and savoured the dreams that come with it.

Ultimately though, there will come a time when i shall sleep and wake no more on the shores of this side of heaven.  Until then i’ll keep playing hide and seek with the Z monster and hope that he does catch me more often than i elude him.


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