Backward compatibility

I’m currrently using an Apple wireless mouse.  No, not the mighty mouse just the ordinary one click button mouse from a while back.  i’m using it because i want the freedom of using a wireless mouse (this one is also detected via bluetooth) so that my desk doesn’t get so cluttered.

The mouse was donated by a good friend and i’ve enjoyed using it a lot.

My only gripes are the obvious ones, that it lacks a scroll wheel as well as the ‘right-click’ so often used by windows converts such as myself.  In order to compensate for the latter i simply have to tap the ‘control’ button on the keyboard while i click, which is easy enough.  For the former, there’s no real other solution other than click the scroll bars to scroll up or down.

Now that shouldn’t surprise most people, in fact it should seem fairly obvious that that’s what you do.  But the scroll wheel has become so ingrained in the way that people use the computer that it feels terribly awkward not having one.

And it makes me think how easily we adapt to new technologies that make our lives so much easier (e.g. the first laser mouse, no more having to clean a filthy trackball) that we quickly forget what it was like to have done everything we did before it came about.

both my sisters tried using my scroll-wheeless mouse and got immediately frustrated simply because they couldn’t scroll down a webpage with the ease that they normally do.  My little sister  has probably never used a mouse that lacked a scroll wheel before.

it’s these little advancements that we often take for granted and only miss once they’re gone. We like things to work, and be convenient in the way they function because we never want to have to think about them when they do their job perfectly.


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