My grand uncle

I found this old scan whilst searching my archives for images for the wedding.

this scan made me a little wistful because my grand uncle was one of my inspirations to choose architecture as a profession. He had an inquisitive nature as a person and as an architect was always bursting with ideas. Apparently he was quite the lecturer at NUS and remembered (sometimes fondly, sometimes not) by many architects today. Best of all was that even as a child i never felt out of place talking to him, he was just so childlike in his take of the world and the endless possibilities of design.

As a kid he taught my sister and I a bit of art and i always remember being excited about visiting his house which had all these really cool and weird ‘toys’.  I remember a time when we went to the birdpark and how he quietly stood in a corner and sketched a wonderfully detailed drawing of the birds and plants before him.  It was amazing just watching him go.

But i never really got to know him better before he died and he never saw me become an architect.

Grand Uncle Jack, you are missed and I hope to see you soon in the next life.

Grand Uncle Jack


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