Let the Buyer Beware

was really annoyed today when we went apartment hunting.  by this really irritating and rude owner of the apartment.  We’d arranged an appointment at 8.30pm and i was meant to call at 7pm to confirm our meeting time and get the address  of the place.

at 7.20 i call and he says to me, can i come earlier, maybe 8.15 or 8.00pm as he has dinner at 9pm.  So I said that’s fine, i’ll be there before 8pm as i don’t live too far away.

At about 7.40pm we arrive and i call him.  For some reason or other he’d refused to give me the unit number of the apartment and so we have to wait for him downstairs in the lobby.

This time he answers and he’s all confused, he says, “wait, didn’t you say you were at Delta? (whatever that meant) I thought you were coming later, I’ve got people here so i can’t show you the apartment right now.  you’ll have to wait another 20 minutes” After i acknowledged that he slams down the phone on me.

So we sat there in the lobby, a little bewildered and wondering why he seems to have changed his tune.  After sitting around for 5 mins i call him again and tell him that 1. we’re there 2. we’ve got dinner waiting for us at home so are you going to show us the apartment or not?

At this point things start to get a little heated.  He says that he’s sorry but he can’t bring us up at the moment because there are people around, maybe we can come back another time if we can’t hang around.  Hearing this really annoys me because we’re already there, so why would we want to come back again?  So i remind him that we are just downstairs, HELLO, why can’t we just come up?

He says, ok, how about 8.10pm instead (it’s 7.45 at this time)? Otherwise once again he emphasizes thaw we have to come back another time and he’ll call us.  This really ticks me off as he just doesn’t sound like he wants us to see the place at all.

Angrily i ask, what’s the point in us coming back?  Once again, WE ARE just downstairs!

Finally he says, rather rudely, “There’s no point in you coming to see the place because I don’t think your application would be approved anyway.  When i heard your voice i’m not sure  whether you might be indian*!” At which he then slams down the phone on me again.

I can’t describe how put off that made me feel. We then left the place and returned back home.

It’s one thing to be mistaken as the wrong race.  But it’s another to realise that there are ignorant racist cowards who only bandy strong words (albeit ones in broken-english) over the phone.  I think God just saved us from dealing with a difficult and obtuse seller.


*To those who don’t know there is a racial quota to government flats in Singapore, so an apartment owned by a chinese can only be sold to a chinese.


One thought on “Let the Buyer Beware

  1. Hahaha. That’s funny. He thought you were Indian. Hahaha.
    Sorry. can’t stop laughing.
    He thought you were Indian.

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