recently i have started using twitterfeed in order to automatically update twitter with my latest blog posts whenever i post them.

it works quite well in that it automatically checks the RSS feed of my blog and posts an entry on my twitter feed (@saentinel) in order to update whoever is following me that there are updates to my blog.

sneaky in that it ‘coerces’ people who haven’t read my blog before to open up a link to it.

unfortunately i’m not 100% satisfied with the service.  For one it only checks for an update at a predetermined time frame (i’ve set mine at 12 hour intervals since i don’t really update my blog that frequently).  i’d much prefer something that updated twitter almost immediately if that were possible.

[update: realised that i could just change the updating interval from 12 hours to their most frequent interval 30mins.  it’s not instant but it’s probably better than nothing for the moment. dumb that i didn’t realise that earlier]

secondly it does not appear to handle apostrophes very well. for example instead of “can’t” it puts a & “# 8 2 1 7” where the apostrophe should be. which makes my blog posts look quite funny.

[update: okay i’ve found out that “& # 8 2 1 7” is html code for an apostrophe, so that’s one problem that i’ve eliminated by changing my url-shortening service from bit-ly to tinyurl, now my posts look correct]

for the moment it will do.  I’m just waiting for to put some automatic rss feed to twitter plugins at my disposal (which they have for to make things easier for myself.

not that they owe me anything, the wordpress service is already pretty darn good. :)

[update: so i guess in the end i don’t really have a lot to complain about twitterfeed in the end, it does it’s job well, the interface is easy to use and best of all it’s free!  The only problem with it is the person using it. :P ]

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