Church hunt

We’re currently in the midst of finding a church to settle into. Maybe we’re being too picky but we don’t think we’ve found THE church yet.

Our requirements are simple:

1. The teaching has to be biblical and edifying. Be it sermons or bible study.

2. The congregation should be warm and welcoming. I especially like churches where people don’t stick to their own groups but engage those sitting around them (even if they don’t know them) in conversation.

3. The mission and focus of the church should be something we feel we can contribute to and be a part of.

4. The worship should be sincere. Not too loud and not too laidback. Also not swinging towards the charismatic. We’re not big on whole congregations speaking in tongues.

Ok maybe that’s being quite specific. But it’s pretty much modelled after the church we used to attend in Melbourne.

We know there’s no perfect church and that all churches will have bits that we don’t agree with at one point or another.

But when we find the right church that God has appointed for us we’ll know and we’ll be more than comfortable to settle down there, dig deep and serve whole heartedly.

We just hope it won’t take till the ‘new church’ comes on this earth for us to find it.


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