2009 was a really packed year with so much to be thankful for.

here are the 3 main happenings that i’m happy and thankful for:

1. Getting married
2. An incredible 2 month long honeymoon
3. Returning to Singapore for good from Melbourne

I’m not sure what 2010 will bring, no doubt it’ll be a tough and challenging experience as I try desperately to balance my personal lives amidst being married, having family around and work.

On top of that there’ll be the friends to stay in contact with, church to serve in and numerous other small projects that would be great to start but not sure if i can finish.  No doubt it’ll be a packed year of learning and will probably pass just as quickly as 2009.

3 things i’m looking forward to in 2010:

1. Getting our own house
2. Starting work
3. Finding a church to settle into

May the good Lord guide me, feed my spirit, strengthen me and equip me for the year ahead.  I really need that.


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