The Expats Will Rule Singapore

Interesting article by a guy who i never heard about before who’s article was forwarded to me by my mom.

The Expats Will Rule Singapore | Personal Success | Adam Khoo On Success, Business And Life.

I’m not exactly sure what to make of paragraphs like this though:

Unfortunately, I have found that more and more young Singaporeans lack this hunger for success. Instead, they like to complain, blame circumstances and wait for others to push them. Some hold on to the attitude that the world owes them a living. I shake my head when I see local kids nowadays complain that they don’t have the latest handphones, branded clothes and games. While I acknowledge that the kids of today are much smarter and well informed than I was at their age (my 4 year old daughter can use my Macbook computer and my iphone), I find that they lack the resilience and tenacity they need to survive in the new economy. Some kids nowadays tend to give up easily once they find that things get tough and demand instant gratification. When they have to work first to get rewards later, many tend to lack the patience to follow through.


One thought on “The Expats Will Rule Singapore

  1. You haven heard of Adam khoo? Haha. Apparently he’s held many seminars to change the way some kids think and motivate them into studying better. My sis underwent his program and did relatively better than before for her O levels :)

    I kind of agree with what he says though :p might be blogging on it later

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