Ad attack

I shudder to think what Twitter will be like with advertising.

For the moment there’s something very pure about it being just a stream of updates from various people who you are specifically interested in keeping up to date with.

Already it’s annoying when companies use Twitter to advertise products and services coz they really clutter the timeline. But it’s easy to unfollow people or groups that do that all the time.

Now when ads are right in your face it’ll be a lot more distracting and Twitter will just continue to get more and more cluttered. I hope it never becomes like Gmail with all the related ads on the side.

Even my favourite twitter client tweetie (now bought by Twitter) will probably end up filled with ads as well. The irony is that I just got the registration code for Tweetie for mac in order to eliminate the presence of online ads.

There are also plenty of good, free, Twitter clients available for iPhone but they also tend to be ad-supported. The main reason I steered clear of them and paid for tweetie (1 & 2 mind you) was so that I could avoid being harrased by a constant stream of ads.

The 3 dollars I paid to support atebits and their slick app was money well spent. I enjoy the ease of use, the simplicity and well though out details. Pulling down to update the stream being an amazingly simple and intuitive feature incorporated by Loren Brichter. Such was the careful attention to detail paid to the design and it shows with tweetie probably being the most popular paid twitter app in the app store.

Now I understand the need for Twitter to be a commercially viable service. Without a steady revenue it wouldn’t last long or be able to keep putting out better and better features. I trust that those in charge are making the right choices and they have done a lot of thinking and research into the incorporation of ads.

But it was the clarity and simplicity of Twitter that got me into it. It was for the same reasons that tweetie would become such a natural extension for Twitter on the iPhone and why it works so well for me and many other users.

I really hope that the incorporation of ads into both will not detract from the purity of their original intentions: to provide users with a easy and visually pleasing way of staying up to date with others.

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