Is there a ‘better’ job?

I’m not going to hide that i’m a bit disgruntled with my work.  And that’s led me to consider quitting and switching jobs, all for the sake of finding a better job.

but really, is there such a thing as a better job?

From experience i know there is NO perfect job here on earth.  Even starting your own office and working for yourself comes with it’s own drawbacks.  I will always be able to find issues with which to complain about wherever i work.  I think what it boils down to is what issues you can and can’t live with.

In these past 3 years I’m slowly learning about the lines i personally cannot allow myself to cross at a workplace and what I can tolerate.

As a christian i also find it hard to accept working under conditions or with motivations that i consider meaningless.  I can’t really elaborate at the moment but I see so much more reason to toil for a future in heaven rather than one here on this earth and that shapes my own life choices quite strongly.  I know that a lot of employers will not be able to abide by my hard stand but I believe that the Lord will provide for me open doors where others will be closed.

After all, whether i have work on this earth or not, i still have a boss up in heaven to work for and working for Him will always be the BEST job i’ve ever had.  Not only are the hours great (you work whenever you want to) or that He’s simply the PERFECT boss to have (He’s gracious, patient and loving), but also :

the retirement package is just simply out of this world.


6 thoughts on “Is there a ‘better’ job?

  1. hi,a friend of mine is halfway thru her archi degree and found it really hard to be a christian in archit…and just nice I found ur blog, singaporean who lived&worked in aus. Just wondering if u have any words of wisedom to share for my friend?

  2. Hi!

    part of the reason why i wrote this blog was so that it might help people going through similar challenges that i’ve faced.

    I’d like to know more what problems your friend is facing. Is she challenged by the meaninglessness of the work? Is she finding it difficult to be a Christian in such a secular environment? Or is it because Architects often have to work through sundays and skip church?

    i’m not the only christian architect around and how i feel isn’t unique though I’ve been blessed with the realization that the life of an architect is pretty similar worldwide. Also no matter where you work the conditions are pretty similar. So that’s helped me to be at peace with my work.

    I’m also determined to find a more ethical approach to architecture which benefits those in need. Organisations like Architects without Frontiers and Habitat for Humanity are examples i’ve found encouraging.

    Lastly, while I don’t agree with the principles of my bosses or colleagues always, I do enjoy the satisfaction of a good days work which i believe is biblical (ref: Ecclesiastes 5:18-20)

    If your friend needs more specific advice i’m more than happy to administer it!

  3. Hi saentinel, thank you so much for replying! Yes, am thankful to find someone who went thru something similar, will check the organisations u mentioned. Ty!

    it sounds like she’s finding it diff to be a christian in a secular envt, esp with no christian ard her. Something like ppl are “ruthless” which i presume she might mean unethical like u suggest.

    She really enjoys her design & archi stuff and wants to do well and is afraid that soon she will be like them…

    Really want to help/listen/offer encouragement but not in the field i dun really understand her struggles…she mentioned that she really hope to speak to a christian archi.

  4. Is your friend in Melbourne or Singapore?

    I have a christian archi friend in Melbourne if she’s looking for advice over there.

    otherwise she can contact me if it’s with regards to singapore. I also know other christians architects here too.

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