Where is the love?

sometimes it’s hard to see the love that is going on in a family.

because we’re so accustomed to seeing it expressed so freely and unconditionally in heartwarming family dramas it’s easy to get blind-sided about the real tough love that happens in most families.

take for example the love shown by a father to his family through his endless slogging at work, where he tirelessly works late nights just to keep his job and secure an income to feed his family.  Just because he never verbalises his love to his children does not mean he doesn’t care for them.

Or the mother who spends hours tirelessly cleaning up a house, cooking meals, washing ironing and mending clothes for her children just so they can live their lives without worrying about food on the table and clothes to wear everyday.  Her not saying ‘i love you’ does in no way mean she does not love her children.

But these are the things that you don’t realise till later… much later, when you become parents yourself, that you learn to see how much energy a father and mother put into the raising of their children.  Were they thanked for the sacrifices they made?  Were they even shown appreciation and affection in return for the things they were ‘expected’ to do?

Probably not.

We the ignorant, selfish spoilt kids of the 21st century have with-held as many ‘i love yous’ to our parents as our parents have with-held from us.

And the cycle has to stop… because children need to know that they’re loved.

But so do parents.


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