Ah Pixar, you’ve done it again…

Went to the Pixar exhibition on sunday with my wife and boy was it inspiring.

the artwork was gorgeous, the models so intricate and the level of detail that goes into each story so mindblowing!

needless to say we were both mightily impressed and excited about how we could use whatever we’ve learnt in our daily lives.

The best part was watching Toy Story in 3D.  ok, i must admit i was a bit skeptical about paying an extra 3 dollars for the movie.  Would it be worth it? would it be something new?  I’ve watched the movie a dozen times already, i figured i knew everything about it.

But watching it together with wife and a large crowd of very appreciative people was magical.  The movie does look a little dated (after all it was released in 1995!) but the magic of Woody and Buzz Lightyear coming alive and interacting behind the back of the boy they both love had not aged one bit.

People laughed at their antics, gasped when they were captured by Sid and were literally transported into a world where toys come alive, myself included.

It was pixar at it’s best, and thankfully pixar has never strayed far from this winning formula of pushing the storytelling.

Computer graphics may age but the story will never lose it’s gleam.  Pixar has captured the hearts of audiences around the world with animated Cars, a fish father looking for his son, monsters that harvest screams and a geriatric action hero.  What else will they think of next?

So Pixar, you’ve done it before, you’re still doing it, and I look forward to Toy Story 3 when you’ll do it again. :)


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