Doing anything i want

a lot of people want the freedom to do whatever they want.

they think that’s the key to making them happy.  That’s why when they are young they send their time resenting discipline from their parents, restrictions from school and the helplessness of youth. When the finish school they go on to being resentful and disgruntled workers in the workplace.

everywhere in life they face restrictions, rules, obstructions… all of them aimed directly at their personal freedom as an individual.

Some eventually feel that there are 3 ways to be able to do whatever they want:

1. have lots of money
2. get lots of power
3. become famous

if you had all the money in the world, surely you could buy whatever you wanted and therefore you’d be happy, right?

If you had all the power in the world, then you could surely do anything you wanted and then you’d be happy… right?

if you became famous and everyone knew you or wanted to know you and you were connected to all the other famous people, that’s when you’d definitely be able to do anything you wanted… erm… right?

Sadly, all three are flawed ways of looking for personal fulfillment.

Having lots of money never made anyone content.  There are many people who have tons of money, but even then it doesn’t ever seem to be enough.  Yes, they can almost do anything they ever wanted.  Maybe buy a private jet, an island… a country?  But there are many other things they can’t buy.  Such as love, respect or class.  Those things have to be earned.

Being an all powerful politician, leader or king might prove attractive but as a wise man once said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.  You can easily do a lot of things but as easily as power is gained it can also be taken away.  The abuse of power more often than not has resulted in the abuser being put in jail or in more serious cases put to death.  Using your power responsibly is not something that enables one to use it to do ANYTHING they want.

Lastly fame.  Some people relish it, some people absolutely loathe the restrictions it places on ones life. Suddenly everything you do is watched, observed and scrutinized.  You might be able to get away with doing a few bad things… but eventually it too also has it’s drawbacks.  In fact a couple of people have even died from it.  (think Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley to name just 2)

Maybe doing anything you want isn’t as great as it’s cut out to be…

or maybe there’s another way?


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