Imagine That…

Imagine a company that specialises in making alibis.

Where people who have committed a crime but do not wish to be caught go to this business which then concocts an alibi for them.

A man could be having an affair which he doesn’t want his wife to find out about so he contacts the company and asks them to give him a proper alibi for all the times that he’s spent time with his mistress.

They then hire actors to pretend to be his friends, colleagues, acquaintances and produce pictures with him or even make phonecalls to his wife just so she doesn’t suspect. Or when she makes a call to check on him they answer to tell her that he’s in an urgent meeting, can she call back later?

Of if someone has just committed a murder, they could have the crime scene cleaned up and the company would provide him with a valid Story… All for a price.

They would be able to do all this quickly. Would have lots of people to perform different roles and would be able to produce phony evidence to cover for the crimes of their clients.

Sounds exactly like something else happening in japan where people can hire actors to seduce spouces in order to get a divorce or remove an unwanted stalker.

The problem is that such a company is so unthinkably unethical.

Imagine bad guys committing unthinkable crimes and them getting away with it just because they can… The thought of that is just awful!

I think this would make for a great anime series. However it’s just a very dark concept. Something that would make people cringe at the ugly truth about the things people do and the lengths they go to to conceal their crimes.

I mean, who doesn’t want the option of hiding the things they have done in order to escape the punishment that comes with it?  I know that I have my fair share of skeletons in the closet that I would never want to see the light of day.

But ultimately hiding all this is futile. Because God can see into out darkest of hearts and He knows everything that we have done. And I mean EVERYTHING. Absolutely nothing is hidden. So there’s almost not point trying to hide our deeds.

We might be crafty and be able to hide our wrong doings from the world for a whole life-time. But in the end when we die and stand before our maker, he’s going to have ALL of it on display when He judges us.

Which amazes me then that, knowing how sinful and imperfect I am, He still chooses to love me. He even sent His son to die for so that I would never have to face the full and ultimate penalty for my sins : death.

Why should He do such a thing and what could I ever do to deserve such favour? The short answer is, nothing. I did avaolutely nothing to deserve it. God did everything to make sure I would be forgiven and made right again in His sight.

And so as a redeemed Christian I know that there are many of my crimes that I wish for others to never hear of but that God knows all about. But that’s ok.

He’s taken all of them, put them on Jesus who stood on trial for me and suffered so that I don’t have have to take the penalty.

So now I’m pure and blameless again and free from my sins.

Just imagine that!


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