iPhone 3 to 4G

As WWDC 2010 looms and I’m eagerly anticipating the official announcement of the iPhone 4G I thought I’d take some time to reflect on my current 2G (actually 3G) iPhone.

The wi-fi doesn’t work. I still can’t get a decent signal lock sometimes when I’m indoors. There are numerous cracks on the edges of the White plastic casing which is also covered with millions of scratches. The glass touch screen has fared better with only a couple of cracks around the edges. Otherwise it looks surprisingly good for a phone that’s been dropped many time; even once on the tarmac. My battery life is acceptable but far from what it was like when I first got it. It’s especially bad when i spend a lot of time reading articles.  Using my headphone remote results in no response so I can’t  make a hands free call or play/pause the music on my iPod. This is because of the above mentioned cracks on my casing which I believe have caused irreparable damage to the internal mechanics of my phone.  The phone often reacts slowly when I’m switching between apps suddenly and recently has hung once while using the mail app. Something it hasn’t done before.

(for the record I did use a case but found it troublesome to take off everytime I wanted to use it)

But even with all these flaws I still find it such a delight to use and am constantly amazed at how it manages to do all the things it does.

It’s been almost two years since I got the phone and I can safely say not a day has gone by where I haven’t used it to help organise, entertain or educate myself. In fact the number of hoops I’ve made it jump through has definitely increased with time.

I tweet, read rss feeds, take photos, read and write emails, surf the net, write down my thoughts, update my blog, write down to-dos, watch videos, listen to music, identify and record music, get directions and chat with friends ALL before I even use it as a phone to send SMS and make phonecalls.

I felt no urge to upgrade to the 3GS last year because the advancements between the 3G and 3GS were small. But this year I feel differently. The 4th generation iPhone might just have the right number of advancements to prompt me to upgrade.

My top 3:

1. Better battery life (ala the iPad)
2. Faster processor.
3. Better camera.

But wait a minute, i hear you say, those sound like the main promotion points of the 3GS over the 3G!  Frankly they are and the reason why i haven’t mentioned anything about the front facing camera, the multi-tasking, the purported ability to take HD videos etc is because they don’t interest me all that much.  Sure they’re great to have and i’m sure  i’ll make use of them now and then… but that’s exactly it, i’ll only ever be using them ‘now and then‘, not ALL THE TIME. Those above mentioned 3 points will make a difference for all the rest of the apps that i do use ALL THE TIME, non of which currently requires any of the other features of the iPhone 4G.  And while the 3GS did have all those features as well, we were looking then at a small step compared to the veritable leap in improvements that we’re going to see in this new iPhone.

I’m not one to throw money away when i don’t think it’s worth it and so I’ve been waiting patiently for this new model to come out before coughing up more dough to upgrade.  When it’ll be released here in Singapore is anyone’s guess right now but I’ll bet the demand will be high. Maybe even higher than past years. So I guess as patiently as I’ve been waiting to upgrade I’ll have to wait a couple of months more before getting it (i hate dealing with crowds).

In the meantime I’m content to wait, with my trusty 3G :)


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