Just a thought

Are we, as human beings, losing out in this relentless onward rush of technology and science?

Our minds can hardly keep up with it! And daily people are getting left behind, unable to adapt and remain up-to-date with the constant onslaught of news of the next great thing. This all being fed to us at ever quicker and ferocious rates such that our own minds (like our stomachs) end up stuffed and ready to vomit from gorging on the flow of information.

We hardly have the time or liberty of digesting our meal before another flood of information ends up overtaking us.

I daresay we need to go on a diet from information and learn to eat healthily and wisely. Partaking of the choice morsels that feed our hunger for knowledge but don’t make us obese with useless facts, meaningless trivia and unhealthy junk ‘food’.

Only then can we spare the time to really digest and be content with the things that we read and memorise.


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