Whether the weather be fine

…or whether the weather be not,

we’ll weather the weather,

whatever the weather

and whether we like it or not.

today’s weather seems a lot more fine than yesterday.

seems almost a little prophetic that i was talking about floods in my last post as well.

it was pretty shocking to see all the mayhem that was unfolding on Orchard Road yesterday.  I mean, how often do you see cars stranded in the flood waters in such a developed country as Singapore?  I certainly don’t remember anything in all my years.

What was also interesting were the number of videos being uploaded almost immediately by people experiencing it as it happened.

I don’t entirely support social media on the net (because of how easily the information can be abused) but it certainly can provide the eyes and ears of a people looking for answers in a time of crisis.

thankfully nobody was injured and the only damages appear to be monetary.  We’ll leave that to the insurance companies to clean up.

For the moment it’s sunny today and a much welcome change from the rain.

think i’ll go find a sunny spot to sit in and pray.