part of a great mystery

one of the most amazing and mysterious aspects of the gospel and being a christian is the ability for committed christians to gather regardless of their ethnic background or social status and be united by a common understanding of a message that, despite being received and preached in a multitude of ways, is so startlingly similar.

I have met christians in europe who proclaim the lordship of Christ over their lives and their church.  I have dined with christians in Australia who preach Christ crucified and live their lives as a living sacrifice.  I have read about and been in awe of the many many missionaries from all over the world who travel to the most desolate and desperate countries in order to boldly share about the sovereignty of the Jesus and how He has saved us from our sins.

The list goes on, but the reality is this, we are all bound by a common message and that message does not waver.

Such is the great mystery of the gospel that it is constantly advancing, spreading and penetrating cultures and strongholds and changing the lives of those who accept it.  And because the understanding of it is so similar we can also immediately weed out any trace of false teaching.

I am thrilled to be a part of this mysterious gospel and hope that i am contributing to it’s spread just by being on this earth!